Grand Prix Louisville 2017

Format: Legacy | Number of Players: 1611 | Date: 08/01/2017
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BUG Control Reid Duke 1
Miracle Control Brian Braun-Duin 3
Grixis Pyromancer Nate Barton 4
Grixis Pyromancer Charles Hinkle 5
Team America Michael Major 6
Sneak Attack Cody Napier 7
Death and Taxes Craig Wescoe 8
Lands Jody Keith 9
Miracle Control Oliver Tomajko 10
Reanimator Alexander Mangone 11
Team America Brad Nelson 12
Miracle Control Kyle Boggemes 13
Sneak Attack Fadi Hermiz 14
Sneak Attack Adam Jansen 15
Team America Paolo Cesari 16
Food Chain Eric English 17
Sneak Attack Wyatt Darby 18
Berserk Stompy Seth Manfield 19
Miracle Control Tatsuumi Kobayashi 20
Threshold UGr Patrick Tierney 21
4c Delver Steve Rubin 22
Miracle Control Wilson Hunter 23
Miracle Control Greg Orange 24
Sneak Attack Jonathan Anghelescu 25
Sneak Attack Brett Wands 26
4c Control Noah Walker 27
4c Delver Dan Ward 28
4c Delver Denis Ulanov 29
Miracle Control Joe Lossett 30
4c Delver Ben Friedman 31
Dark Depths Bill Comminos 32

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