Team Constructed Open - Philadelphia, PA

Format: Legacy | Number of Players: 987 | Date: 27/01/2018
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Dark Depths William Lo 1
Grixis Pyromancer Tannon Grace 2
Eldrazi Josh Taylor 3
Miracle Control Luke Strasler 4
Miracle Control Joe Brennan 5
Grixis Pyromancer Noah Walker 6
Grixis Pyromancer George Magou 7
Eldrazi Matthew Borst 8
Lands Ralph Betesh 9
Miracle Control Daniel Miller 11
4c Control Jon Goss 12
Lands Jody Keith 13
4c Control Brian Marx 14
Team America David Fontaine 15
Death and Taxes Adrian Throop 16
Sneak Attack Brandon Coffey 17
Ad Nauseam Tendrils Chad Uzzell 18
Grixis Pyromancer Peter Davis 19
Lands Daniel Barkon 20
Grixis Pyromancer Michael Warren 21
Tezzeret Control Jake Farrar 22
Miracle Control Brad Bonin 23
Grixis Pyromancer Jason Dorman 24
Rest in Pieces Jeff Kieper 25

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